A Semi in Ottawa goes Passive House

Door #6 – Dredge Leahy Architects Inc.

Some of my readers know this, but I am not working all by myself in some basement – I am going to work every day! The only place I have ever worked since coming to Canada, the only office that was willing to hire me – despite my lack of Canadian experience. Not sure if they ever regretted this, but I guess not as I have been there for almost 10 years. I certainly never had any regrets – a great group of people we are there and we work on anything from a small office fit-up to a multi million dollar hospital project.

Now I am trying to convince them that Passive House is up and coming. I even dragged Michele Dredge, one of the partners to the North American Passive House conference in New York this year….


The exciting news are, that we made the change after Gord Erskine’s retirement to Dredge Leahy Architects Inc.

Congratulations to Michele Dregde and Steve Leahy and I am sure this will be a wonderful new era for the firm.

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  1. No regrets at all Annegret! Here’s to the next 10 (really?) years and lots of Passive House projects – maybe even a hospital!

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