In the November issue of the “Canadian Architect” magazine, Douglas MacLeod argues there is an urgent need for architects to come together and improve energy efficiency in buildings.

I couldn’t agree more!

One issue he raises is that it is very hard to predict how buildings are performing “A 2014 study, entitled Do our Green Buildings Perform as Intended?, studied nine green buildings from across Canada. In three of those buildings, the actual performance (in terms of kWh/m2/yr) was significantly worse (by a quarter or more) than the predicted performance.”

That is were I am NOT in agreement with this article – with Passive House we exactly know how the building will perform! 25 years of experience with numerous completed buildings that have been monitored over extended periods of time, we can be very confident, that a building designed and build to the passive house standard performs exactly as predicted. The energy efficiency of the passive house standard has been confirmed by measurements in practice over and over again and is well documented by the Passive House Institute.