A Semi in Ottawa goes Passive House

Door #15 – No heat

When we came home from work yesterday our boiler had stopped working. It was supposed to go down to -12 last night and the house was starting to get cold. We have radiant heat throughout and the floors felt freezing. The temperature in some of the corner rooms fell quickly down to 17-18 degrees. Thankfully we have a Danish wood burning stove, that kept us warm all night – and right now we have already someone here to fix the problem.

But what does this have to do with passive house? Well if we would have been living in one, it wouldn’t have been a big issue – the house would have held the temperature over night. And with a family of 4 living in it, cooking, having the lights on and a sunny day coming up we probably would have been fine for a few days.


  1. Isn’t it great to have a back up. Fortunately I would still be able to start my gas FP, if my boiler quit & the electrical was out. I’ve greatly improved the efficiency of my house but sure would love a passive house.

  2. Are you planning such a danish oven in you passive house? not only as a back up but also for the comfort of something similar to an open fire place?

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