I am an architect and Passive House Designer living in Ottawa. I studied architecture in Berlin, worked in Germany as an architect and a teacher until moving here with my Canadian husband in 2004.

From the day I attended a seminar on Passivhaus at a conference over two years ago, I was hooked. I was familiar with this very energy efficient building standard from the time when I was still living and working in Germany, but I had no idea, that it had started to spread allover Europe and made its way over the Atlantic.
I took the training course to become a Passive House Designer and passed the exam, I talked (and still am) about it all the time, I gave a presentation to my colleagues at work and to potential clients. I probably started to be a bit annoying….
So when the opportunity came along to be my own client and buy a property to build my own project – I didn’t hesitate.
I hope that you will follow me and my project on this blog. I hope to share my knowledge on this building standard, how the the house gets designed, detailed and constructed and – I expect – a lot of lessons learned.